Letter from the Executive Director

Carol CarrilloWhen a child is maltreated in Contra Costa County, we all suffer. As a community, we have a responsibility to ensure that our children are able to grow up in safe and healthy environments. In this regard, our website contains valuable information and resources that every family and community member can use to help keep kids safe. Various programs and tools are available to support parents, teachers, caregivers and other individuals who are responsible for the care and well being of children. Providing a healthy start for a child can be difficult. However, CAPC is here to help and support you every step of the way. Visit our Programs page for a list of vital resources. It takes partners like you to help protect children and break the cycle of abuse in our community. We welcome your partnership in helping CAPC enforce the fact that, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.”
Warmest Regards,
Carol Carrillo, MSW
CAPC Executive Director

CAPC Team Members


Program Staff

Carol Carrillo, Executive Director
Cristina Hickey, Community Education Coordinator
Wilma Holgerson, Chief Financial Officer
Elisa Heinrich, Finance Administration Manager
Rose Marie Wallace, Baby Bag Manager
Suzanne Viani, Child Safety Educator
Carol Shenon, Child Safety Awareness Coordinator
Denise Bettencourt, Child Safety Educator
Pamela Young, Child Safety Educator
Rose Housley, Child Safety Educator
Julie Spragins, Child Safety Educator
Kara Vance, Communications Coordinator & Administrator  

Nurturing Parenting Programs

Carol Carrillo, Supervisor (West County)
Maggie Velasco, Supervisor (East/Central County)
Rosario Conteras, Family Support Specialist /Educator
Angela Gattis, Parent Facilitator
Ansar Muhammad, Parent Facilitator
Sonja Smith Hodge, Parent Facilitator
Lakisha Hill, Parent Facilitator
Khaleedah Muhammad, Parent Facilitator
Rosario Contreras, Parent Facilitator Assistant
Noella Delgadillo, Parent Facilitator/Assistant
Kendra Tramiel, Child Care Facilitator
Denisha Clemmons, Child Care Facilitator
Marcela Lopez, Child Care Facilitator
Lucy Archimiega,Child Care Facilitator

Parent Partners / Early Intervention Outreach Specialists

Judi Knittle, Supervisor
Cheryl Barrett, Parent Partner
Venny Mondragon, Parent Partner
David Mason, Parent Partner
Gina Runquist, Parent Partner
Heather George, Parent Partner
Joan Morrow, Parent Partner
Mary Lopez, Parent Partner
Therris Cunningham, Early Intervention Outreach Specialist
Sunita Frey, Early Intervention Outreach Specialist
Sarah Thomas, Early Intervention Outreach Specialist


“A person's a person, no matter how small.”

— Dr. Seuss

Success Stories

Nurturing Parenting Class Concord A Success

I thought I would never be like my parents but before I knew it I was acting out the same behaviors I learned from them. I learned how to stop the cycle of abuse. ~Parent Class Graduate

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A Changed Life

The Child Abuse Prevention Council has saved my life and I feel as if it has saved the lives of my children and transformed their destiny. This is the depth and power in which the Child Abuse Prevention Council has impacted my life. ~Lakisha Hill

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