Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Services

If child assault or abuse occurs, various indicators can identify it. Notable signs of neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse include:

Neglect: Low birth weight, unkempt dirty appearance, lack of adequate medical and dental care, food, shelter and clothing, lack of caretaker or appropriate supervision.

Physical: Unexplained bruises, welts, burns, fractures, lacerations or abrasions, afraid to go home, fearful when other children cry.

Sexual: Venereal disease; pregnancy; difficulty walking or sitting; pain or itching in genital area; torn, stained or bloody underpants; fear of adults; runaway, infantile behavior; sophisticated or unusual sexual behavior or knowledge; may report sexual assault by parent, relative or caretaker.

Emotional: Failure-to-thrive; speech disorders; bed wetting; nightmares; learning disabilities; withdrawal. Passive or aggressive behavior; poor peer relationships; delay in social, physical or emotional development.

In cases of child abuse or assault, BE CALM.

BELIEVE your child; get the facts of the incident.
Assure your child that what has happened WAS NOT her/his fault. Tell the child what you plan to do. Get appropriate outside help.

A Step Forward, Inc.
(925) 685-9670
Offers a range of treatment services to families and
children where child sexual abuse has occurred. Ongoing
groups for adult survivors, sex offenders (teen
and adult) and abused children. Psychological testing.
Services delivered to incest victims' families and non-familial
child sexual abuse cases. Therapists are skilled
in treating general non-abuse related psychotherapy
issues as well. Sliding scale fees.

Center for Child Protection at Children's Hospital Oakland
(510) 428-3742
Provides medical and psychological support to victims
of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and neglect and
their families. Services are available around the clock.
Provides follow-up medical care, reporting to
CFS/Police, victim/witness assistance program, crisis
intervention and educational programs for parents and
professionals. Some free services are available.

Center For Human Development
Antioch: (925) 753-1004
Pleasant Hill: (925) 687-8844
Richmond: (510) 234-5359
Provides alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention
programs for youth, families, schools, and community
groups. Also provides programs in conflict resolution,
anger management, violence prevention, youth
development, parenting, LGBTQ youth support, and
HIV/AIDS prevention.
Call for information. Spanish services available.

Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County, Inc.
Antioch: (925) 755-4200
Concord: (925) 798-0546
Referral to child abuse prevention, intervention and
treatment services in Contra Costa County. Information
about child abuse and neglect, protecting your children
and indicators of abuse. Free workshops for
community and professional groups. Newborn
Connections home visiting program (see Newborn
Connections listing). Services are free.

Children and Family Services (CFS)
(Formerly CPS)
Toll Free: (877) 881-1116
If you know or suspect child abuse or neglect has
occurred, call the office in your area. If the child is in
immediate danger, call the police and Children and
Family Services. A social worker will talk with you
confidentially, and assess the degree of risk involved.
If the child is in immediate danger, a visit will occur
Immediately. If not, a visit may occur within 10 days.
By reporting to Children and Family Services, resources
to promote the future safety of the child are offered (i.e.
counseling, parent education, respite care,
transportation, parent aides, etc.)

Childhood Injury Prevention Coalition
(925) 313-6837
Community-based coalition working to prevent
childhood injury through education and policy.
Services are free. Spanish services sometimes

Community Violence Solutions
(Formerly Rape Crisis)
Crisis Line 24 Hour: (800) 670-7273
Richmond: (925) 706-4290
Marin: (415) 259-2850
San Pablo: (510) 237-0113
Provides counseling and referrals regarding sexual
assault to victims of all ages. Counseling and support
groups for victims, survivors, husbands, boyfriends,
fathers, mothers, etc. Offers educational presentations
on sexual assault to groups and organizations, colleges
and high schools. 24-hour crisis intervention. Outpatient
therapy by licensed staff. Sliding scale and
some free services. Spanish services available.

The Domestic Violence Education and Screening Project (D.O.V.E.S Project)

(510) 428-3000

Offers education, screening, counseling and advocacy to battered caregivers and to children exposed to domestic violence. Provides therapy for child witness, their caregivers, and referrals and help for financial and legal concerns.  Spanish services, and Crisis Interpretive Services for any language.

Family Stress Center
Antioch: (925) 706-8477
Concord: (925) 827-0212
Offers programs to strengthen families and to treat and
prevent child abuse and neglect. Services include child,
family, individual and in-home counseling, anger
management classes, parent education classes, short
term respite child care, grandparent support groups,
Latino Family Resource Center, and Proud Fathers (a
job readiness and parenting program for fathers.)
Sliding scale and some free services. Spanish services

The Domestic Violence Education and Screening Project (D.O.V.E.S. Project)
(510) 428-3000
Offers education, screening, counseling and advocacy
to battered caregivers and to children exposed to
domestic violence. Provides therapy for child
witnesses, their caregivers, and referrals and help for
financial and legal concerns. Spanish services, and
Crisis Interpretive Services for any language.

Crisis Services

Whether you are a single parent, divorced or widowed,
married, a step-parent, foster parent or adoptive parent,
chances are there are days you are tired, stressed-out or
at your wits end. You may need relief, advice, special
support, or an understanding ear. The following
programs offer a wide range of intervention and support



2-1-1 provides callers with information about and referrals to human services for everyday needs and in time of crisis. This easy to remember telephone number connects callers to information about critical health and human services available in their community.  For example, 2-1-1 can offer access to the following types of services: food banks, clothing closets, shelters, rent assistance, health insurance programs, Medicaid, and Medicare, support groups, counseling, education programs, ect.

Bay Area Crisis Nursery
Crisis Line: (925) 685-8052
(925) 685-6633
Free, confidential and voluntary residential care facility
for infants, toddlers and preschoolers of parents who are
temporarily unable to cope during a time of stress.
Provides food, clothing and loving care. Parents can
visit child during the day. Facility for 6-11 year olds
scheduled to open in first quarter of 2002.

Contra Costa Crisis Center
(925) 939-1916
Crisis Hotline: (800) 833-2900
Grief Hotline: (800) 837-1818
Homeless Hotline: (800) 808-6444
24-hour crisis line. Call for crisis or distress information
and referral, grief counseling. Intake for county
homeless shelters. Services are free. AT&T
Interpretation Service (140 Languages).

Family & Community Violence Trauma Center

Email Address:

(510) 734-7028

668 Quinan Street

Pinole, CA 94564

Provide trauma-based treatment and an array of counseling services to diverse and predonimally low-income West, East, and Central Contra Costa County families.  Trauma center offers an integrated package of individual, family and group therapies. 

Hours of Service: Weekend, evenings and daytime hours

Languages: English and Spanish

STAND! Against Domestic Violence
Crisis Hotline: (888) 215-5555
(925) 676-2845 (business line)
Crisis line offers support, information and referrals
about support groups, individual counseling, shelter,
(up to 6 weeks) and transitional housing, (up to 2
years). STAND! also provides anger management,
batterer's treatment program, legal assistance referral,
(Bay Area Legal for restraining order help) and court
accompaniment for victims of domestic violence.

TALK Line Family Support Center
(415) 441-KIDS (24-hour Parental Stress Line)
(415) 387-3684 (business line)
24-hour parental stress line for parents having problems
with their feelings and in dealing with their children.
Drop-in center, counseling and therapy, support groups,
respite child care and job assistance. Free or low fee.
Spanish services available.