The Nurturing Parenting Programs

The Child Abuse Prevention Council is offering evidenced based parenting classes in far East county and in West county beginning in January 2008.

The curriculum we have chosen is designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and neglecting child rearing practices. The long terms goals are to prevent recidivism in families receiving social services, lower the rate of teenage pregnancies, reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and stop the intergenerational cycle of child maltreatment by teaching positive parenting behaviors.

The program is a primary prevention program targeting all families at risk of abuse and neglect to increase parent’s knowledge and skills. The program has several components that are culturally specific and linguistically appropriate. The programs we have chosen to implement are “Crianzacon Carino-“for parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. and Enhancing Parenting Skill in African American Families designed to teach nurturing parenting skills while respecting African American history, traditions, practices, and beliefs.

The nurturing parenting philosophy of non violent parenting focuses on the development of empathy, self worth, self awareness, empowerment, discipline with dignity, appropriate family roles, and age appropriate expectations of children’s development.

Parents and children attend separate groups that meet concurrently facilitated by trained facilitators. The classes are designed to build self awareness, positive concept/self esteem, build levels of empathy, teach alternatives to hitting and yelling, and enhance family communication and awareness of individual needs. The classes will work on replacing abusive behaviors with nurturing behaviors, promote healthy physical and emotional development, and teach appropriate role and developmental expectations.

Classroom work will include role play, videos, worksheets, parent handbooks, and assessment inventories. In addition, parents and children learn how to play games, sing songs, and have fun as a family. Each family will be awarded a stipend for successfully completing the 24 week course.

The classes will be offered free of charge. For more information please contact Carol Carillo at or 925/798.0546.